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To the citizens of Union and Lincoln Parishes -

I am seeking to become one of your District Judges.  I am running for this position because, like you, I care deeply about our safety and our communities.   I am like you.  I am a parent and a spouse.  I attend church here, own a business here, and am involved in our local schools and civic activities.  It is your concerns and the health and safety of our communities that will be foremost in my mind and in my actions as a Judge.

 I humbly ask each of you for your vote and in return I make the following pledges to you.



 I pledge to work tirelessly with law enforcement to help keep our communities safe.  I will focus on the protection of crime victims, the rehabilitation and education of eligible offenders, and - most importantly - the deterrence of future criminal conduct by strict adherence to the law and by promptly dealing with drug dealers and violent criminals.


I pledge to always be mindful of the best interests of our children.  I am committed to handling family law matters in an expeditious, yet compassionate manner, helping parents, children and grandparents that come before the Court to promptly resolve their legal issues so that they can move forward with their lives.


I pledge to ensure that all of our citizens are treated fairly and impartially – working hard to move cases through the court process as efficiently as possible, while maintaining the integrity of our legal system.  


Throughout my life, I have worked hard - always with integrity, commitment and dedication.  I have treated others with fairness and respect, always willing to listen to their position.  It is my promise that I will continue to work hard for you, remaining steadfast to these same values by which I have lived my life.

With these pledges in mind, I again humbly ask for your vote for the position of Third Judicial District Judge, Division C, for Union and Lincoln Parishes. 

-Monique B. Clement

Committee to Elect Monique B. Clement
Chairman, Dan O'Neal
P.O. Box 1344
Ruston, LA 71273-1344
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